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CES 2019: It’s the Year of Virtual Assistants and 5G

Certainly, they are not an answer to everything. The key feature of a website generator lies in universality. In principle, they should meet the requirements and expectations of the majority. When it…

China’s Best 2019 Stock Is Already Up 33% and No One Knows Why

Now that we have mentioned it, you probably perfectly understand why it is important for the payment process to go as smoothly as possible. After all, if a customer has to go through a million of steps to send you money, they will…

Analysts Expect McDonald’s EPS Growth to Slow in 2019

Feedback that the system provides doesn’t convey emotion. It is robotic. When a user interacts with such a system, it feels giving commands to a computer. The only difference from a traditional GUI is that you use a different medium…

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